Light and Shadows

Yesterday, was a gorgeous day in New England. It was in the mid to high 60s! Today is supposed to be the same. Hopefully, I can take a walk during lunch. I need to soak up as much of the warmth while it’s here because old man winter is right around the corner.

I really liked how the sun was shining through this tree however, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the exposure of the shot. I tried bracketing the shot but wasn’t getting the results I wanted when merging them together. Instead I took one image and tried to do a little bit of dodging and burning. Still not happy with the results I made it into a B&W. I think the B&W workes better because it was really about the light and shadows in this image and not the colors that attracted me.


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  1. I love that you went with B&W…not only does it bring out the light and shadow aspect, but also the texture. I really like the ridges in the lawn. Also love knowing exactly where you were and tht I was with you there, albeit briefly 🙂

  2. Love the shining sun rays through this beautiful solitary tree. The long shadows and dark contrasts create a wonderful and mysterious mood. Excellent composition.

  3. Fantastic shadow and light. Love it in b&w!!!

  4. Shirley, the ridges in the lawn is what made me walk over to this spot. I was trying to figure out the best angle to show the ridges when I saw the sun peaking through the tree.

  5. Lovely image of shadow and light…and I really like the black and white treatment-suits it very well.

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