Hay Man

These shots were taken back in October at a farm a few houses away from where my brother and sister-in-law live. I’m not exactly sure what to say other than this is a really big Hay Man! Don’t you love that his face is made of vegetables!

I wonder if they will make a children’s song out of him like they did with Frosty. Maybe he’s called Baley the Hayman and there could be some magic in that old garden hoe…with zuchinni brows, two pumpkin eyes and a butternut nose he hardly ever blows. Yeah, I know, it’s pretty bad and my song writing career would be squashed in minutes!


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  1. “Squashed”?! Hahahaha, I get it! Yer funny.

  2. This one made us smile – what a charming image!!

  3. Great find and a fun image!

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