Stay off the Bridge

I really like the look of this old bridge. It’s falling apart so we don’t walk on it. It’s located only about twenty feet from the back door. You can sit on the deck and look over at it. Hopefully, it will be around for many more years.


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  1. It’s a shame you don’t walk on it, it looks so inviting to cross, and explore the other side. Compelling.

  2. Well, I did want to walk on it but I was asked to stay off the bridge. My sister-in-law is afraid it will collapse if we try to cross it and she wants it
    to remain as it is.
    Just a few yards up on the left is a wider bridge that you can cross to get to the other side so I had to use that one.

  3. My to-do list includes ‘fix bridge’. Hopefully I can get to it later this year or early next year. Hard part will be keeping that old, rustic look. Looks like I’ll be searching through the woods for fallen trees I can use to rebuild it.

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