Frog Face

When I first went out in the kayak I brought my little Powershot Canon camera with me. I took some shots of the cabin, lily pads, and then came across the frogs. There were a bunch of frogs lining the walls of the stream from the pond to the cabin. I decided to go back to the cabin and grab the SLR camera and walk out to one of the banks where I saw most of the frogs. Well, as soon as I took two steps on the edge near them they all started jumping back into the water. When I was in the kayak they just sat along the edge and stared at me not caring too much that I was paddling right next to them. I figured my only choice was to go back and get the kayak. I was a little nervous about taking the SLR camera out on the pond but I wanted the frog shot. So, this is it. Worth it? Sure. Not the most interesting shot but I enjoyed the staring contest I had with this frog. He won.

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  1. Melissa

    Ribbit! Adorable! Definitely worth the risk.

  2. Ah, Melissa beat me to it. I wanted to do a ribbit as well. Laughs. Indeed, well captured. 🙂

  3. Excellent capture…love this!

  4. Very cool shot and worth taking the SLR in the kayak.

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