Nestled In

I went off into the woods to see if I could get a couple of shots of the water flowing down the stream. As I was fighting my way through the sticks, briars and brush I spooked a bird. Or I should say the bird spooked me when it flew out from practically under my feet. I looked down and was amazed to see this tiny bird’s nest. It was only about a foot off the ground. The mother bird was only about three inches tall so these babies are tiny. I should have changed lenses on the camera so I could have gotten an even closer shot but I wanted to take the photos as quick as I could. While the mother bird flew off when we startled each other she only flew over to another tree just above my head and squawked at me a few times. Wrinkled skin and all these little fellas are pretty darn cute.

If you want to see some truly amazing photos of new born baby finches, check out these photos at Paddletramp Photography. Click through the photos to see the first 2 weeks of there lives.

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  1. Great pictures Jamie. I wonder if they’ve been able to stay dry with all this rain we’ve had.
    Hopefully these little guys will be flying around the cottage soon…

  2. Talk about an ‘Ah!’ moment! Wonderful capture. Great detail and dof, well done!

  3. Life is here ! Splendid capture !

  4. What a great find!

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