Scala Fenicia

Instead of taking the little yellow bus back down the mountain we decided to walk. We had already walked from Capri Town down to the marina so we figured we might as well do the same from Anacapri. We took the Scala Fenicia or Phoenician Stairway (likely built by the Greeks and not the Phoenicians). The ancient pathway (which has been nicely restored) has 900 steps! Thankfully, we were going down and not up, although after that bus ride I’m more likely to walk back up if I were ever to go again. Plus, I could appreciate the view more by walking and not having to spend my time praying the bus wouldn’t fall off the cliff.

In the top right image you can see the road making it’s way around the mountain. Notice that the road is suspended off the mountain and while you can’t really tell the railing is only about a foot high. Not much protection if you ask me.

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  1. Another breathtaking series of images…!

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