Little Blue Groto

Since this was our last full day in southern Italy and we were back at the Isle of Capri it seemed obvious that we should take a little boat tour. We thought about going to the fabled Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotta) but we weren’t sure if it would be open. You go by boat to the Blue Grotto then you transfer to a smaller boat and head into the cave. Everything depends on the ocean as to whether the small boats can enter the cave. If the water is too high or ruff then they close the tours. We had some guides saying the Blue Grotto was open that day while others were saying it had closed. So, instead we hired a guide and his boat to sail us to the little blue grotto- a small cave illuminated by an underwater window of aquamarine light- tucked behind the Faraglioni.

The top image was a mix of the original photo with an hdr version to pull out some of the detail in the rock. The bottom image is basically out of the camera except for adjusting levels. The color of the water was not touched. That is how blue it really looked. Actually, it looked even more amazing in person! Plus, this image is taken from the entrance of the cave and we were able to go a little way inside the cave so the color was an even more surreal blue.

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  1. shirley

    “underwater window of aquamarine light”…how? why?
    These images are staggering..amazing.

  2. Two for the price of one, I love the top one for the scene and composition, but am glad you included the CU for detail too. Neat!

  3. Look at that water-beautiful shades of blue and green. Great detail in the rocks as well!

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