Monte Solaro

Here are a couple of more images from Monte Solaro, as discussed in yesterday’s post. When we took the chairlift ride up the mountain I had assumed we just rode up and then came right back down. I did not realize that you got off at the top and there was this whole world up here. They had a cafe where you could get drinks and snacks and it looked as if they may even hold functions here, as there was a large room down below. Plus they had free bathrooms which is always a bonus. Well, we had to pay for the chairlift ticket so I guess that covered the bathroom use.

Chris and Karen sat down to have a drink while I was able to take my time and grab some photos. It was always nice to have a little extra time to setup a shot. We had so many places to go and sites to see that I was typically just snapping away at anything I could. As you can see we had a wonderful view of the bay of Naples and the famous Faraglioni (the three offshore rocks, well you can only see two in this shot).

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  1. Great photos. Glad you took your time to get just the right shot.

  2. This post has been selected as PixyBlog’s Daily Shot for Tue, 16 Jun 2009

  3. A belated congrats on being selected for the Daily Shot! Beautiful and I love the framing of the first one

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