Sorrento, Italy

Here I’m standing along one of the many cliff side views that look out over Sorrento and the harbor below. I mentioned how it was foggy/drizzy for a few days but the sun did come out here and there. Well this is one of those days when the light was working in my favor. I love the colors of the buildings in Italy. When the light started to set the warmth really made the yellows and oranges glow.

The cliffs in Italy are spectacular. It’s amazing how they construct their buildings right into them. And they aren’t typically little buildings but instead extravagant works of architecture.

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  1. There’s my cruise ship again. 😉
    I wish 3 years wasn’t so far off. These pictures make me want to go now.

  2. Jamie

    Yes, the cruise ship parked in the perfect spot. I thought of you the first time I saw the ship and how you’ll be able to look out at Sorrento from the boat- especially at night when it’s all lit up. Here’s hoping the dollar gets better in the next 3 years.

  3. Shirley


  4. karen


  5. Wow, Jamie, this is just amazingly beautiful. The light is perfect…and the sky. Wonderful atmosphere here!

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