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First, my apologizes to my family and friends and anyone else who may have been looking for my blog yesterday (and this morning). While I was away on vacation I forgot to renew my subscription and I didn’t realize it until my blog went offline. I had a little technical difficulty with the renewal but Pixyblog came through and got me back up and running. Somehow life went on without my blog, although the day never felt quite right to me. I suppose it’s become an addiction to have to post an image each Monday-Friday. I did end up posting to Flickr to make me feel better and let my family see the daily photo but it just didn’t have the same feel to it. Bad timing on my part that this happened during my vacation photos. But all is well now!

This is a shot of some images I took around the Il Nido Hotel in Sorrento. I really enjoyed my stay here. The owners were wonderful, the food was very good, the decor was nice and the view was breath taking (see yesterday’s image). As you can see in the photo with the cruise ship it was foggy. Most mornings we woke up to the fog and drizzle but it did get a bit brighter as the day went on. They had tons of lemon trees in Italy but what surprised me the most was how huge the lemons were. If you look at yesterday’s photo you can see fencing and green tarps those are covering the lemon groves.

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  1. Yay…you’re blog is back! This is a wonderful triptych, Jamie! I especially love the shot on the left with the ship in the background-nice catch! Looking forward to many more!

  2. Melissa

    Welcome back! Sorrento looks lovely… and the climate seems like San Francisco!

  3. Chris

    First we had a hard time leaving Italy, and now all this difficulty returning to Italy (via your photos). Glad you’re back!

  4. Sis Karen

    Ahhhh, the lemons! Thank you, Jamie for posting a reminder…you know how I love the lemons. The lemon pasta in Positano was DIVINE! And while Chris and I also fondly remember the Limoncello, my guess, from your sample, is that you do NOT! 🙂

  5. Jamie

    Thank you everyone. I am also glad to be back online.
    Karen, I remember the Lemoncello very well. I think I burned my throat from it!
    I’m almost sure I could breathe fire at one point.

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