Green Harbor River

Besides the ocean view side of Brant Rock there is also the salt marsh side. After taking pictures of the water front I drove over to the town pier. This shot is looking out over the Green Harbor River. If you lived in the tower, from yesterday’s post, you would have this view from the back side. I suppose climbing up 8 flights of stairs would be worth it to look out at the ocean and this marsh!

I really liked the light falling on the marsh. And it didn’t hurt that there happened to be this lone buoy with similar colors.

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  1. Beautiful. So serene.

  2. Love this shot! Picked just the right time of day to shoot it. The color is amazing. I’m a big fan of yesterdays look-out tower too. Real cool looking old structure. And again beautiful light. Must of been during the “magic hour”
    You’ve been killing me with all these nice shots by the ocean. Makes me wish I lived closer to the coast.

  3. Great shot and I agree, fantastic light and tones.

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