This is another shot taken from the town pier. Even though these boats are scuffed up and worn down, I found that they still looked beautiful.

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  1. Very beautiful. The light and colors and mood…all wonderful.

  2. Great shot Jamie. I really like the colors in this pic.

  3. gorgeous….simply gorgeous.

  4. Stan Fleming

    Great shot! Love the composition and subject. These boats have been working boats. This would be fun to see converted into a watercolor or oil painting.

  5. Thank you everyone.
    Stan, funny you should mention converting it into a watercolor. I had actually started playing with the watercolor filter in Photoshop but I wasn’t getting the result I wanted so I ended up posting the image as taken. However, after your comment I think I may try to go back and play with it some more in Photoshop.

  6. Just beautiful,Jamie

  7. This is a great shot Jamie. You should frame this on your wall.

  8. The colors in this photo almost look like a painting. This is a really nice photograph.
    Oh, and I just read the other posts and see your comment about the watercolor filter. Here is one to maybe play around with… in photoshop go under Artistic Filters and there is one called Underpainting. It has different textures and settings to play with… but I find some of the settings add a nice little painterly effect without overdoing it.

  9. Debbie thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the underpainting filter. I’ll have to check it out this weekend.

  10. Wow, now that’s a screen saver. I’d call it sublime. Great shot.

  11. Superb tones and I love the light.

  12. Jamie, this is a wonderful image…great composition with amazing light. Excellent!

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