Look-Out Tower

This may not be the prettiest home in the area but I’m sure they have the most spectacular views! It is located about 100 feet back from yesterday’s shot of the jetty.

“The tower was built in 1943 as a spotting tower for German submarines. The walls are a foot thick and the entire structure is15,000 pounds of concrete-reinforced rebar. It’s seventy feet tall and has eight floors. The top three floors each have 180 degree views. There is no elevator, and it’s the tallest single family residence in Massachusetts.

The first floor consists of a full bath, the second floor a full kitchen and the third floor is a dining room and living area. The fourth floor is a bedroom with double bunk beds and the fifth floor is a bathroom. The home is air conditioned by the cool ocean breezes. Starting on the fifth floor, there’s a spiral staircase. The sixth floor is used as an office and the seventh floor is the master bedroom. The furniture on the upper floors was built on-site to avoid the problems of carrying furniture up seven flights of winding stairs. The eighth floor is a living room, and the observation deck can be reached from a ladder from the eighth floor.” From The Islands of Brant Rock and Ocean Bluff by Theodore P. Burbank.

Did you notice it said there was no elevator! They must be in the best shape ever!!

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  1. I love the way the light changes as your eyes travel up, up, and up 🙂

  2. Great light here…really interesting info as well!

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