Brant Rock Jetty

This week I’ll take a break from the Florida photos and instead post some images of Brant Rock. It seems whenever I’m trying to come up with ideas of where to take pictures I always end up at the ocean.  I suppose, having always lived near the ocean, it’s in my soul and I’m drawn to it.

A little of my own family history around Brant Rock: My great grandparents bought a cottage in Brant Rock in the early 1900s. As a boy my grandfather vacationed here with his family. When he married my grandmother they stayed at the cottage on their honeymoon (1930s). My mom also grew up spending her time at Brant Rock and when she and my Dad married they honeymooned here. As a kid I use to stay at Brant Rock with my family and aunts, uncles and cousins. I have wonderful memories of chasing each other around the circular porch, playing whiffleball in the side yard and of course walking out on the jetty and looking for sea life in the crevices of the rocks. Unfortunately, things happen and the cottage is no longer in the family.

If you know me, then you’d understand that one of the highlights of visiting Brant Rock as a kid was that each of the cousins was given 25 cents and allowed to walk down to the penny candy store (yes, I’m a sugar addict). This is back when they really had penny candy. As a kid, this store seemed huge, it had an isle of candy for 1¢, another isle for 2¢, and so on. So, 25¢ you could actually walk out with a little brown bag full of candy…sweet!



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  1. Beautiful…

  2. love the colors!!!

  3. Very nice, calming image and thanks for sharing a little history!

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