Aged Daisy

I mentioned on Wednesday that I walked around trying to take photos that would showcase the sky that day (Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s posts). This daisy was another shot that had the sky being showcased in the background. While I was processing the image in Lightroom I happened to mouse over the Preset buttons. The Preset called “Aged Photo” really caught my eye. There’s something about the petals that I really like with this setting. I’m not sure about the center of the daisy or the leaves but the petals have a delicateness to them that appeals to me.

I also really liked the colors in the original image so it was hard to decide which to use. In the end I thought it might be good for me to try something a little different. Then again, I realized I could also have you click here to see the original image.

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  1. Nice shot Jamie. I’m yet to get my hands on a copy of Adobe Lightroom. It seems like there are a lot of nice features to it. Keep experimenting!

  2. This rendering definitely is more soft and delicate-the other more vibrant. I think ultimately, I would have gone with this one as well…or posted both!
    There are so many presets available for Lightroom-it’s a quick, easy way to experiment. I use Apple’s Aperture and I forget that you can do presets with it as well…will have to check into that!

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