Half a Goat?

Yesterday’s photo of the gate had an image of a goat which ended up reminding me of the above photo I took during the Photo Walk (at Haymarket). For some reason this sign just struck me as…interesting. There’s not much to this image but I found the red lettering and red pipes visually grabbed my eye’s attention. And, who knew you could purchase a whole or half a goat in the city?!


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  1. How gruesome! The red lettering and metal definitely suits the sign!

  2. What do you call an unemployed goat?
    Billy Idol.
    What do you call a goat at sea?
    Billy Ocean.
    What do you call an outlaw goat?
    Billy the kid.
    What do you call a goat that lip syncs?
    But I have no idea what you call a half of goat. 😉

  3. LOL Jack! That’s funny! Steffen’s friend, Hadji, who lives in Cyprus LOVES curried goat. I tasted it once – sort of like lamb, but tougher. It’s also big thing in the Jamaican culture.

  4. Jack, I wish I had had your comment as my blog posting. Very funny! Maybe I could have said a half a goat’s not baahhd- oh, wait I think that’s a sheep.

  5. I love a post that elicits a response… and this one made me cringe and sort of laugh at the same time!

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