The View From Above

After walking through the Southwest Corridor Park I come out to Mass Ave. There is only about a quarter mile stretch where I’m walking on the busy city sidewalks. This shot is taken from Mass Ave. looking down on RT 9/Huntington Ave. Depending on the morning I either walk up Huntington Ave. and cut through parts of Northeastern or I walk up Mass Ave., past Symphony Hall and stop at the Whole Foods store.

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  1. Shirley

    I like how you framed the shot. It’s a familiar scene, but, for me, seeing it from a completely different perspective.

  2. Perfectly framed Jamie. If you shot this above the railing, it would have been just a “plain old” image.

  3. lol! Made me think that the city was behind bars! *wink*

  4. Nice framing-very creative and effective!

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