A Colorful Spot to Rest

Not that I need to take a rest during my walk to work, but, if I ever wanted to, these colorful chairs would make the perfect place to stop. I spotted these adirondack chairs on the Northeastern campus. They have a bunch of them spread throughout the campus (you can’t miss them). A couple weeks ago I was walking by some guys playing whiffleball and noticed they were using the chairs as bases. Probably not what Northeastern had in mind, but at least they’re being used.

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  1. Shirley

    Great colors! I like the “country” in the city effect of seeing the chairs amongst the brick and concrete.

  2. I have found these chairs to be very cheerful. They just pop out of interesting places when I’m walking through. I’ve managed to find a path to walk that has a country feel to it even though I’m in the heart of the city.

  3. Love the colors…we have two adirondack in our yard-one painted bright yellow and the other a bright light blue!

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