A Nice Place to Live

That is if you can afford it. If I could afford to live anywhere I wanted in Boston I think I would want to either live on Beacon Hill or in the Back Bay. I really like the look of these brownstones. I also like that they are located in an area where it doesn’t feel as if you are in the city even though you are. As you can see from this picture the city is right there in the background (just a street away).

All along the Southwest Corridor are side streets with brownstones. Most of them have these pretty flower boxes and plantings. While walking through this area I enjoy observing the other people walking about. Some are on their way to work, others are walking their kids to school and some are making their way to the dog park. Yup, they have their very own fenced in dog park- I love stopping and watching the dogs play.

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  1. Sis Karen

    I like the angle of your shot–so pretty with the fence, curved stone, and colorful flowers at the base of the brownstones. If you did live there, you’d be sure to have company! I, too, love the quietness within the bustle of the city.

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