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I mentioned previously that I had signed up for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Boston). The NAPP website states that “Over 6,000 people from 43 countries (44 states in the U.S.) in 241 cities registered to participate in Scott Kelby’s the first-ever worldwide Photo Walk.”  The walk took place on Saturday, August 23rd. There were close to 35 people in the group I had signed up with. There was also a second Boston (Northend) group. 

While I didn’t come away with any spectacular images, I did get a few decent shots. More importantly, I found the experience to be much greater than my images. It quickly turned from trying to get the best possible photo to trying to gain as much as possible out of the experience. We met at Haymarket Square and were told we had 2 hours to walk around the area (specific spots were pointed out) and then to meet up at an outdoor restaurant/pub for lunch. At lunch we’d compare our experience, share images/stories and just have fun. 

This is a shot of the open-air produce market at Haymarket Square. It’s an extremely busy area in a very narrow space. They weren’t very happy to see 30+ photographers pushing their way through the crowds to take pictures (and not purchase any goods). It challenged me to put myself into an uncomfortable situation in order to get a shot. I tried my best not to be in anyone’s way but it was almost impossible to do if I wanted to get a decent shot.

After the walk everyone in the group was encouraged to upload their 5 best images to a flickr site. It was really interesting to see what images others captured in the same area. It was a great experience and if offered again next year, I’ll probably sign up. You can check out the winners of the Worldwide Photo Walk here.  


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  1. Jamie,
    I LOVE this photo. It brings back memories of shooting my vendor documentary.

  2. Ooh, I love this picture.
    I’m glad the experience was so enriching. It is so often rewarding to put one’s self out of the comfort zone. A lot of learning happens that way.

  3. This shot perfectly embodies the outdoor market experience…makes me miss the one in Atlanta.
    Sounds like it was a really fun thing to participate in…sorry I missed it!

  4. Love this perspective and the interchange between merchant and customer!

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