Pirate Booty

It cost me a dollar to see this pirate's booty. This was taken during the Photowalk at Faneuil Hall. I asked the pirate if I could take a picture and was told it would cost me a dollar. Seemed fair to me. I took his photo and then he said hold on I'll give you a free shot. He started to turn around and I wasn't quite sure what he was going to do. He lifted his shirt tail up and underneath he was wearing a plastic buttocks that said "Pirate Booty". I think I was so shocked that he might actually drop his drawers that I was off balance and didn't get a good shot of his booty.

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  1. Hey Jaimie. I hope you had fun with the Photowalks tour. Lots of great photo opportunities in Boston.
    He asked for a dollar to take a picture? That when you need a good telephoto lens and shoot him from a distance : ) Well since they cost thousands, I guess paying a dollar was well worth it.

  2. Al, if they have another Photo Walk next year you should join in. I’m thinking of making my own Photo Walk at least once a month. Picking a section of Boston and walking around for an hour or so to get images.
    I think this guy’s real gig was balloon animals but I was happier to pay him a buck then have to buy a balloon animal.

  3. You should check out Thomas Hawks’ Flickr group:
    Terrific portrait…definitely a character!

  4. Susan, thanks for the link. A very interesting project. I guess I’d have to go back to Faneuil Hall and give the pirate another dollar in order to join the $2 project!

  5. So much to look at—love the reflections on his sunglasses.

  6. All that for a dollar?! Not bad 😀
    Funny story and a great shot (taken before you were offered the free one I suppose?)
    lots of details, strong colors, I like the cropping too. Don’t like the building behind him – next time; turn him around and have the threes as a background – or shot his booty….

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