Sunset Farm at Sunset

This is the barn I had gone out to originally shoot when I had come across the red barn. It is part of Sunset Farm, built in 1704. Once a dairy farm, it is now a bed & breakfast. While I wish the sky had had more color or dramatic clouds, I was actually pretty lucky with this shot.

This was taken on the last night we were in the Berkshires. It was getting cloudy and I knew rain was on the way so I headed out to get a shot of the barn. With the shot of the red barn the sun had been behind the clouds, however when I setup for this shot the sun just started to peak out. I was able to get some nice lighting on the barn.

I had another shot with a little warmer lighting but the horse wasn't in the picture. I think the horse adds a nice element to the image. It looks like she'd like to jump the fence and dive into that bale of hay.

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  1. This is a really nice composition with some interesting details.

  2. I think the lighting is just beautiful here…and I love the fence in the foreground-nice composition, Jamie.

  3. To be honest; I didn’t noticed the horse – just admired the light and the fence in front. Good composition! Agree with you that a dramatic sky is nice- but this can live well without it!

  4. Another perfectly framed shot Jamie. The lighting is absolutely perfect!

  5. This is a delightful rustic scene…it left me feeling wistful!

  6. Good balance, composition and luminosity. I’d like to spend a week in a place like this…

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