The weekend we were in the Berkshires also happened to be LakeFest. It included a cookout, music, face painting, boat rides and sandcastle building. These 2 brothers were so cute. I was lining up my shot of the sea horse when they ran over to me and told me that it was there "castle" and they had won first prize. They proudly showed me their ribbon and then decided to place it in the best spot to be seen on the sea horse. Then they plopped themselves down and waited for me to take the picture. Well, this sure made for a better shot than the one I was going to take of just the sea horse. They made me laugh when they explained that their dad did most of the work but that they helped with the decorating. I don't think we'll let the judges in on that bit of info.

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  1. Hah! That was cool that they posed for you! Great trophy shot !

  2. Great shot! Love the kids in it…makes it all the more special!

  3. I do agree! It’s really well done! Congratulations!

  4. The kids make it perfect. Even if they did have help, I am sure they feel like it is theirs! And why not, right!

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