Hay there barn

While driving to the Berkshires I kept saying, "Oh, that would be a great shot. Oh, look at the mountains. Oh, that would make an awesome photo. Wow, we should pull over and get a shot of that." But, it was after 7pm, we had been driving for 3 hours and everyone was starving.

Other than driving to Deerfield to go white water rafting we mostly stayed at the cabin and enjoyed the lake. Wait, we also went to Tanglewood but I have no pictures of it. Anyway, on our last night I decided I had to at least go out and get a couple of shots of a barn I had seen down the street. This picture is not of that barn (I'll have that one up later in the week). While driving to the other barn I decided to turn onto one of the side roads and came across this red barn. I really like the look of bales of hay and couldn't resist this one, especially with the colors in this scenery. I had a hard time deciding whether I liked the wide-shot or the close-up, so I've posted them both. Any preference?

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  1. I vote for the wide-shot. I love the look of the long grass growing up against the old worn fence as well as the barbed wire.
    Great shot!

  2. Absolutely terrific! My vote is for the first shot because you framed everything within the fence. Too bad it was an overcast day, deep blue skies or cloudy skies would have even made this more dramatic. Can’t control the weather though!

  3. I agree, I was leaning towards the photo with the fence.
    Al, you read my mind. I almost wrote in my post that I wish the sky had been more dramatic. It did cross my mind that I could Photoshop in a different sky as a means of controlling the shot but then I decided to just go with the original sky.

  4. Same here…first shot-love the way the fence frames the barn and hay. That said, choices are good!
    Wonderful capture all the same!

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