Hey Bud

Looking at this photo I remember the day I went over to the park to take photos and how it was in the mid 80s and I was trying to keep sweat off the viewfinder. Now, sitting here at the computer I'm thinking about getting up to put on a long sleeve shirt! What happened to the heat of August?

What I like best about this photo is the little bud. I really like the color of it.

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  1. Shirley

    I like everything about this photo!
    I agree with what others have said, I think you have very card/poster-worthy shots accumulating here!

  2. Thank you, Shirley. I have some ideas of how I may use some of my photos (possibly around Christmas time).

  3. Perfect title! Nice composition and framing-love the little bud peeking out from behind the flower!
    I’ll see if I can’t send some of our heat your way…been in mid to upper 90’s here in the sultry south!

  4. Whatever you did Susan it worked! It was in the mid 80s today. Thanks!!

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