Rock Lobster

Folks, meet Rocky the singing lobster. This past year, Rocky’s career had been down in the dumps…literally. That is until my uncle came across Rocky at the dump and decided to help him get his career back on track. Some fresh new batteries, a few rehearsals in front of family and friends and Rocky will soon be playing at the local Sand Bars.

His repertoire includes “Sea Cruise” and “Rock the Boat.” He has a few dance moves that include wiggling his tail and standing straight up on his tail. Don’t tell Rocky, but after listening to him sing these songs a couple of times I was ready to toss him back into the ocean. I found he is best if taken in small doses. I should say that he did give us a few big laughs- although that may not have been his intention.

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  1. Laughs! Thanks for brightening my morning. I love Rocky, and I’m sure he’s raring to get singing again! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Good times, good times!

  3. Aunt Jud

    I love it!!!!

  4. LOL! Love this….that’s too funny…and great title!

  5. Perfect title for this shot! I’m glad your uncle was able to save him from the landfill 🙂

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