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While I was taking photos of the bees on the flowers a couple weeks ago, I looked up and saw this flower. I thought this perspective looked pretty cool. The photo books tend to say to try and find a different angle to shoot the everyday things. I thought this was a pretty unique angle. The next day I was checking out photos on pixyblog and saw that Susan over at Life, Camera, Just do your best darling! had taken a very similar shot. I guess it wasn't as unique as I thought! I think they both came out nicely.

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  1. Superb shot, and yes, love this perspective. This is worthy of wall-hanging! Love it.

  2. Shirley

    Jamie, I love this.

  3. I love the light and perspective of this shot! The colors are bringing it home. You did a really good job with this one!

  4. Jamie, this is absolutely beautiful! What a unique, wonderfully composed, perspective of a beautiful flower. I really love the blue and the lighting…it works so well here…great job! I think they both came out nicely as well!

  5. Great contrasting colors!

  6. Thank you everyone. I never knew that I would enjoy taking pictures of flowers so much. I spent over an hour in that park without even realizing how much time had gone by. I had borrowed a macro lens so it gave me a whole new perspective on the subject.

  7. Nice color combination Jamie. Nice job having the flower block out the light and still managing to retain its color!

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