Men at Work

Here they are putting in the new sidewalk. It will be nice when I can finally walk on the straight path and not have to detour to different sides of the road. As you can see I experimented a little with the color saturation. There was so much orange in this image that I thought it might be interesting to only pull that color out and tone down the rest of the colors. I kind of like the effect.

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  1. I have no idea why, but I love the colour tones on this one…like someone coordinated their dress with the bollards. Laughs!

  2. The desaturation of the colors do it for me Jaime. Did you use a B&W channel mixer layer in photoshop and reduced the opacity to bleed the colors through?

  3. Hi Al:
    I actually did all adjustments to the image in Lightroom 2. If I remember correctly I adjusted the hue so the overall image had a tint of orange tone to it and then I brought down all colors under Saturation except for orange. I wasn’t thrilled with the image itself which was why I decided to try something different with the color. Glad to know you also felt the color made a difference.

  4. I love the effect you came up with…it really makes for an interesting shot- Great job!

  5. As you say: sometimes a so-so photo can inspire experimentation, and you end up with a cool shot and also learning a lot in the process!

  6. Thanks for sharing the desaturation technique. I also forgot to comment that I liked how you captured the motion of the workers using the rakes to level the cement! Were you going for that effect or did it happen by accident?

  7. Al, it was just by accident that I caught the effect of the workers raking. I was across the street from them so I was trying to snap a shot before a car would come by and block my view.

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