Evacuation Day

I don't typically take the Green Line but yesterday I decided to jump on it.  When I got off at Park Street security was yelling for everyone to get out of the T station.  It was very smokey and you could smell something burning.  They had to evacuate Park Street and Downtown Crossing.   As I was starting to walk to South Station, I figured I might as well snap a picture. 

Here's what Boston.com said about the evacuation:

"Two subway stations were evacuated this afternoon and commuters were asked to use shuttle buses after an electrical fire on the Red Line tracks near the Downtown Crossing station, authorities said.

The fire started at about 5:20 when a 600-volt power cable short-circuited in a tunnel just outside the station. Smoke filled that station and the Park Street station, prompting their evacuation.

The stations were reopened about two hours later after firefighters extinguished the blaze and used exhaust fans to vent smoke out of the tunnel."

By Matt Collette, Globe Correspondent

Thankfully, no one was hurt.  I really like the colors in this photo. 

Happy Birthday, Joshua! 

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  1. Nice picture. Glad you weren’t under ground.

  2. Jamie

    Yes, luckily our train was able to pull into Park St. and let us out. It says the fire started at 5:20pm and we pulled into Park St. at about 5:45pm. If I had taken the Orange Line (which I typically do) I probably would have been stuck underground.

  3. Yikes! When I was in town a couple of weeks back, we had to disembark our train on the red line becausethey were having problems…glad it wasn’t this dramatic!

  4. Shirley

    I really like the colors in the photo too—especially the red of the fire truck and yellow of the hose.

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