Go with the flow…

This is the brook that flows from the Jenney Grist Mill down to Brewster Gardens.  It was such a nice weekend that Mom and I decided to go to Plymouth on Saturday to walk around and get an ice cream for lunch.  One of my favorite lunch foods!

From the Jenney Grist Mill website:

"The Pilgrims found this river important for three reasons. The first is that over the rivers mile and a half run it drops 80 feet in elevation allowing for ample waterpower. The second is that the river and the pond that feeds it are spring fed so that even in times of drought, the river never runs out of water. The third is that the river supplied the Pilgrims with their fertilizer. Every spring fish called herring migrate from the ocean up to the pond to spawn. On the way by the mill the Pilgrims would take the fish from the river and plant them in the sandy ground to fertilize for the planting of the corn. To this day, over a six-week period, thousands of fish go up this fish ladder to spawn."

I think we were about a month to late to see the fish heading up stream to spawn. 

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  1. Shirley

    What an intense flow of water. Ice cream for lunch sounds nice 🙂

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