Mountain Stream

This past weekend my friend invited me on a women's retreat with her church group.  We stayed in NH at the Mt. Monadnock Bible Resort. It was a nice weekend meeting the other women, learning things about myself and having lots of fun.  They had workshop classes- I took a pilates class which I'm still recuperating from and there were lots of games (pool, ping pong, laser tag, air hockey and more).  

This stream was across the street from the house I was staying in. If I stood outside on the porch I could hear the water flowing.  Each day I walked down to see and hear the water flowing. Unfortunately, I did not have my SLR camera with me, so I had to take this picture with my PowerShot 3.2 mega pixel camera.  After using the 10 mega pixel SLR the difference in quality and sharpness over the PowerShot is extreme and makes it difficult to even pull out the PowerShot. I may need to think about buying a new point-and-shoot camera for all those times I can only carry a small pocket camera with me. 

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  1. Shirley

    It is a beautiful picture nonetheless.
    The rushing, flowing water seems reflective of the season—a time of change and renewal.

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