Peaking through

When I walked up to the front door at work I couldn't help but notice the magnolia tree starting to bloom.  It probably had to do with the fact that it was nice out and I wasn't in hurry to go inside to start working.  But then I did run inside so I could borrow work's camera and get a few shots (okay a lot of pictures).  I really like the look and feel of the fuzzy cocoon covering the flower.  There were a few flowers that had bloomed but most were still just starting to break through.  By Monday this tree should be bursting with colors!

I realized after taking pictures that my camera was set to 400 ISO.  On such a beautiful sunny day it should have been set to 100 ISO.  Oh well, the shot still came out, although it would have been even sharper at the lower ISO.  I also used a macro lens which I'm not use to.  One slight movement and everything is out of focus.  I wasn't using a tripod and it was a bit windy so I guess it was good that I was set to 400 ISO.  

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  1. Melissa

    That’s really lovely. Hoping spring finds you soon! It’s glorious here in SF.

  2. Glad to hear you have nice weather. Yesterday was beautiful here but sounds like the weekend is going to be mostly rain. April showers bring May flowers!

  3. Shirley

    I think the soft look suits the shot. This is beautiful…draws me right in.

  4. Very neat.It reminds me of a camel’s head.

  5. Stunning!

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