Flower Power

The second workshop I took at last weekend's retreat was "Flower Arranging."  Those who know me probably find it surprising that I would signup for this workshop.  Even I was a bit surprised that this was the one I was drawn towards.  Besides getting headaches from very perfume smelling flowers I also have a black thumb.  Although, alot has to do with forgetfulness.  I always forget to water the plants and then I tend to overwater them when I remember.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the class and my arrangement.  I gave the arrangement to mom and dad to enjoy…I didn't think it would stay alive very long in my hands.  

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  1. And they look just as pretty in our kitchen.Thank you,Jamie,you did a beautiful job with your arrangement.

  2. Thanks Mom. I knew they’d find a happy home with you and Dad.

  3. Aunt Jud

    Beautiful!!! I think you should start a new profession….

  4. I can only make these floral displays if someone picks out all the flowers for me and then tells me step by step where to put them!

  5. Shirley

    Very pretty. I like the pussy willows.
    The colors in this shot pop nicely!

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