Hot Dog Boat

I almost forgot about this picture.  The first time I saw the Hot Dog Boat I thought it was the greatest thing.  When we went to Sandsprit park this year I was hoping the hot dog boat would be out so I could get a picture of it.  Just my luck it was there waiting for me to take a shot. 

Is America great or what?!  What do you want besides a beer before/during/after, a hot day out on the ocean…why a nice fat hot dog!   If you forgot beer or food at home you don't have to turn around and go back for it.  You can just pull up along side this guy and place your order! 

Looks like you can also order beer, bait, gas, soda and tackle.  Possible more but that's all I could read off the sign.

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  1. Ahhh, that’s the life…. Fun photo!

  2. And sushi! How funny!

  3. I thought sushi also but now I’m thinking it just may be an advertisement for a sushi restaurant.

  4. Sis Karen

    Chris and I didn’t see the Hot Dog Boat when we were at Sandsprit. Of course, since we would not have had a boat, I’m left to wonder if they take “swim-ups” too? Chris will do about anything for a good hot dog!
    By the way, I sometimes feel like I’m taking an eye exam when I type in the letters below to post my comment!

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