Great Blue Heron

I believe this is a Great Blue Heron.  Or maybe it's just a Grey Heron?  It's a bird that's most likely a heron.  I even asked someone what this bird was but I forgot to write it down.  I'm going with Great Blue Heron, I like the sound of it.

I was lucky enough to get within about two feet of this heron.  There was a man in the water trying to catch some bait (about 10 feet away from me).  The heron was watching the man and following him very closely.  As the heron was focused on the man I quietly tried to move closer and closer and focus in on the shot.  Thankfully the man threw the heron some fish, so while it noticed me trying to get closer it was more interested in free food and did not fly away.

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  1. Beautiful. It’s legs are so delicate and graceful.

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