Under the Banyan Trees

This is a very cool road in Stuart (I think we were still in Stuart).  These Banyan trees grow on both sides of the road and end up reaching across each other so that it becomes a tunnel.  The trees are amazing to look at.  They are so intricately woven with roots.  The various roots actually grow down from the tree.  You'll have to check out wikipedia or something to find out more about how these trees flourish.  I just know that they were fascinating to look at.

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  1. Shirley

    Great photo.
    I love the yellows of the street sign and the road dividing lines tucked in among the greens of the trees.
    These trees are amazing.

  2. Wow.. nice. I want to be here. I’ve never seen banana tree 🙁 And the road looks great. cheers

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