Branching Out

Another shot from Monday's storm.  This is my first black & white image for the blog.  Okay, it's a black sky with white snow on the branches so it's not like I had to do much to the photo.  However, the branch was being lit by a street light that was casting a yellow glow on the snow, so it made sense to turn it into a black & white image. 

I spent most of my snow day on the computer importing all my images into the program Lightroom.  Hopefully, it will help me to keep everything organized.  I still need to sit down and learn how to use the developing tools to edit images.  Right now I rely on doing almost everything in Photoshop.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with the new program…maybe we'll get another snow day!

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  1. That’s gorgeous!! Very Ansel Adams-y.
    No snow here in SF… wah!!

  2. Thanks. You should come visit the east coast in the winter or maybe I should be visiting the west coast in the winter?!

  3. I love how edible the snow looks—kind of like meringue.
    I love trees and especially branches against sky. Most of my associations though are daytime ones. I feel like this photo is giving me a glimpse into a secret and mysterious world, one of nature at night.

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