Bust A Move

While waiting for the pantless people's event last Saturday, I spent a couple hours hanging around Faneuil Hall.  When I saw the crowd gathering for these street dancers, I walked over and stood near the back (I had a perfect view).  One of the guys was going around trying to get everyone in the crowd to move closer to the front.  I moved up and when they saw me with my camera they started gesturing for me to sit up front and said "get the camera ready."  I'm more comfortable standing back and observing than I am at being in the middle of the action.  But since they called me out (a little embarrassing), I decided to go with it and moved up front. 

I think I took close to 125 pictures around Faneuil Hall and only ended up with a half dozen that I liked.  This is one of my favorite images from that day.  Not the most flatter facial expression but I think it shows how hard he's concentrating.  I have to admit that the guys were right about moving up to the front.  I was able to get much more up close and personal with this shot.  Earlier, I had taken a photo of a clown making a balloon animal for a little boy.  I thought about going up to the clown to ask if he'd pose for a picture but instead I stood back and took the shot.  After looking at the photo I realize the shot is not very interesting.  It would have been much more fun to have had a smiling clown as an image instead of the static one I took.  I'm beginning to realize that I need to start challenging/pushing myself and getting closer to my subjects, if I want to get more out of my photos.  

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  1. Mmm. Sounds like you’ve had some new insights which is a rewarding part of learning. The shot is great. There is a level of immediacy, intimacy and excitement that your proximity to your subject gives to the photo.

  2. Sis Karen

    Or in simple terms, “How’d he do that?”
    Great action shot!

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