Boston declared a snow emergency yesterday.  Being considered a non-essential personnel, I was lucky enough to stay home for the day. I spent most of it inside but around 5pm I decided I should go out and take at least one or two photos.  From the tracks, it looks like someone thought about possibly playing on the playground and then changed their mind. 

I love being outside after a snowstorm, when all is quiet and everything untouched.  I'm not sure how to explain it but there is a calmness that comes over me.  I almost want to lie down in the snow and just stare up at the sky for hours.  Of course I'd freeze my butt off so instead I walk around and that brings me a sense of peace (and cold feet).

I'm sure the pantless people, from yesterday's post, were happy the weather held off over the weekend.  We are definitely having crazy New England weather in 2008.  Just last week it was close to 60° and now it's in the low 30s.