Frost Family

Wow, 9am and I'm getting an email from Mom wondering where the blog photo is for her and Dad to look at.

It's freezing cold outside, I'm starting to come down with a cold and I have no current pictures.  That's what I came home to last night.  So, I grabbed the camera and walked outside the apartment to see what I could find.  I don't tend to see many neighbors, except when it's time to shovel out our cars and we just sort of nod our heads at one another. Last night I ran into the Frost family.  They seemed to be right at home out in the freezing cold and were kind enough to allow me take their photo.

After taking the photo I came back in, let my fingers warm up, then sat down and quickly brought the photo into Photoshop.  Didn't really do anything to it except resize it and erased a couple lights off in the distance.  Too tired to do anything else.  Got up this morning with just enough time to shower and head out the door to catch the train.   So, the blog is posted a little late this morning because I needed to get to work and figured I'd post my comments as soon as I got in.

Here's your photo Mom and Dad! Nice to know you look forward to seeing the pictures each morning.  I may have to dig into summer photos to come up with a picture for tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks, Jamie. the Frosty family looks about as cold as you must have felt last night. White hands and all.

  2. Whoa. Some wire-made snowmen. With lights around them. I can’t tell if the thing under it is sand or grass. I’m not sure.

  3. I like the three snowmen. And next time I see you tell me what that land is.

  4. Now I know what the land is. It’s grass with snow on top.

  5. Yes, Aki, you are correct. It is grass with snow on top.
    I hope you both are enjoying the holiday decorations. Maybe we’ll get a big snow storm this season and you can go out and make a snow family of your own.
    Love ya.

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