Gnome Mobile

With the elves busy making toys, Santa has hired Gnomes to watch over his sleigh.

This was taken in the yard where Santa's workshop is located.  I didn't get a picture of the entire yard but it was a beautifully landscaped backyard garden.  I imagine it must be spectacular in the spring and summer.  Actually, Santa's workshop had been The Garden House.  Originally, the owners had created a summer retreat in their own backyard.  Just last month they decided to turn it into a winter garden retreat.  Amazing how fast and talented those elves can be.

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  1. Cool. Too bad the gnomes are frozen so they can’t get up and drive the mobile. I’m just kidding because I know that they wouldn’t really be able to drive it. Because they’re only statues. Oh, and, they wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably if all those plants are on the seats!

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