Kissing Ball

As I was walking through Downtown Crossing to catch the commuter rail I came across a tent with Christmas trees, wreaths and kissing balls.  Just last week I was saying how I hoped to be able to buy at least one kissing ball for my balcony.  I ended up buying two. 

On the commmuter train I sat in the front section of the train and hooked the kissing balls to the overhead storage shelf. It must have been a pretty funny sight to see me sitting on the train with two kissing balls hanging over my head.  Everyone that was boarding the train had a smile on their face when they looked over at me.  One lady comment that if she had had a camera she would have taken my photo.  Of course I mentioned that I actually had a camera on me.  Not my nice slr but my little pocket camera.  However, I didn't feel like having my photo taken.  I did try to take a photo of just the kissing balls hanging but it was a bit crowded and I didn't get a very good shot.  Instead, when I got home and hung the kissing balls on the balcony I figured I better take a picture of one so I'd have something for the blog!

This is the first photo on this blog where I've used my external flash.  It seemed to do a good job of filling in the shadow areas on the left side of the kissing ball.  I guess I need to experiment with using the flash more often.  My LL Bean string lantern lights also did a good job of adding some much needed light.  I bought them for the balcony during the summer to sit outside and read, but they also look nice this time of season.



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  1. A picture of you on the train under the two kissing balls would have been one to see 🙂
    This pic is interesting because if you hadn’t described the setting, it would have been difficult to fathom where it was.

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