Stormy MFA

It started out very warm yesterday morning and then the temperature started to drop quickly.  You can see from the sky that a storm was brewing.  Although, we never got any rain from these clouds.  As I was walking away from Ruggles, I noticed how omnious the sky looked, and I knew I wanted to try and capture it.  I had taken a photo of the MFA last week with a beautiful brilliant blue sky (hasn't made it to the blog yet).  I thought the same shot would work well with this sky behind it.

I Photoshopped together 3 different exposures to get the photo to look as close to what my naked eye had seen.  The sky was one exposure, the building a second and the foreground a third.  I couldn't quite get the sky to have the same look but it's fairly close. I did try experimenting with HDR (high dynamic range) processing.  The sky came out closer to how it looked but I wasn't happy with the rest of the image and decided to put off using HDR for another day (stay tuned).

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  1. Sounds like you’re getting pretty good with PhotoShop. Any chance you can work on my next license picture? (Ha)

  2. I’ve been learning a lot in Photoshop over the past couple of years. The trick now is to not depend so much on fixing things in Photoshop but instead capturing the picture at the right exposure in the camera and then enhancing it with Photoshop.
    I wish I could fix my own license photo…it needs hours of Photoshop work!

  3. The storm clouds really do make this picture look ominous. I love how the dread fills the corner of the shot around the fire hydrant.

  4. Oops, noticed a typo in my spelling of ominous. Not sure if I can take down a blog and then repost it.
    I didn’t even pay much attention to the fire hydrant. I was mostly focused on the dark clouds on the left side of the screen.

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