Beyond the Willow Tree

This is another photo taken in the Public Garden.  Same day as yesterday's photo and the "Willowy Bridge" photo.  I really liked the look of the tree roots.  I also like the reflection of the colors in the pond, from the trees.  Usually, the swans are hanging out in front of this little island but unfortunately, they weren't there on this day.

It seems so long ago that I took these photos.  I haven't been able to get outside lately, but I'll need to soon. I only have a couple photos left before I run out of images to use.  The last 2 times I went around town it was freezing cold.  I think I'm afraid to go out again!


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  1. Oh, how gorgeous! I just want to jump in the picture and nestle against that beautiful tree and stare out at the water. I like it swan-less 🙂

  2. I remember when I was taking these photos that I kept saying okay, I have to get to work now. But, really I just wanted to stay to walk around and then sit and soak up the sun.

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