Arch to Brewster Gardens

This arch is the entry/exit to Brewster Gardens in Plymouth.  It was created in the early 1920's.  The park covers the original garden plot of land that was given to Elder William Brewster in 1620.  Running through Brewster Garden is Town Brooke the water source that first attracted the Pilgrims to this area.  During that time they used the brooke to capture fish, which they used to fertilize their corn fields.  They also used the water for cooking, watering their gardens and their livestock. 

On my mother's side, we are descendants of Mayflower passengers, Myles Standish and John Alden.  It's pretty amazing to think that after nearly four centuries I can still take a quick trip to Plymouth and see before me the history of my ancestors (Mayflower boat, Plimouth Plantation, monuments and plaques, etc.).  For me Brewster Garden has always been a very pretty spot that I enjoy walking through.  For my ancestors it was a place that provided a resource that helped them to survive.  Makes me realize how much I've taken for granted Brewster Gardens and my ancestors.  I think it would make them happy to know that their hard work and sheer determination made it possible for their ancestors to enjoy coming to this park to relax and stroll along the brooke.  

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  1. What a beautiful photo. You’re so talented!
    Interestingly, this shot reminds me of a section of Land Park in Sacramento. We were never there at night, but something about the lines in this picture took me back to the place right away.

  2. Beautiful,Jamie

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