47 Days

FYI:  There are 47 shopping days left until Christmas!

Macy's in Downtown Crossing has started their preparations for the holiday season.  My hope is that they will have an interesting window display this year.  Last year's was very impressive.  I can't even recall what they had on display.  A couple of years ago they had scenes from A Christmas Story that were lots of fun to look at.  

Today I had an hour before work to walk around Boston and take pictures.  I took about ten photos before my battery started flashing "empty."  No problem, I'll just put in the backup battery.  Slight problem…the backup battery was also empty!  As I continued walking to work I cringed every time I came across a perfect photo opportunity.   Oh well, makes for less choices for tomorrow's photo.

Lesson One:  even when you think you have a fully charged backup battery you should always double check that it really is charged.   

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  1. What an eye you have. The shadows are amazing.

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