Meet The Xeatles

Well, I can't actually introduce you to all of The Xeatles because I only know one of them.  But you can meet cousin Brian… who just happens to be my favorite Xeatle !  It's great to hear Brian playing in a band again.  This was the second time I saw The Xeatles and I thought they sounded very good.  The first time I saw them it was their first show so they were still getting use to playing together.  They seemed much more comfortable with each other this time and it showed in the music.  Great job guys!

I also got to hang out and talk with cousin Kevin.  I hadn't seen Kevin in quite awhile so it was really nice being able to yell to him over the music!

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  1. I love the colors in the shot of Brian. They are so distinctive, but don’t detract from the focus of the shot, your favorite Xeatle 🙂

  2. Sven O.

    The guy in the middle needs a new guitar…that “neuvo-ultra-modern” looking one has NO place in a Beatles band…he should save his pennies and get a Gretsch or a Rickenbacker…hell, I’d even respect him more if he played a Les Paul or a Strat….Sven

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