To Protect and Serve

I was walking back from taking the "Fenway Fanatics" photo on Yawkey Way, when I came across this scene of the police officers being prepped for the Red Sox Rally.  This was one of those scenes that when I saw it I thought, "what an awesome photo this would make."  Unfortunately, the photo did not come out anywhere near what I had in my mind.  I would have been shooting it at a different angle and with the sun behind me instead of directly in front of me.  Of course when I took this photo I was trying to attract as little attention to myself as possible.  Normally, I would take about twenty pictures with various settings and angles trying to get just the right shot.  However, with over 100 police officers only thirty feet away, I quickly snapped the photo and meandered on my way. 

 Hopefully, as I use the camera more I'll become better at getting those on-the-fly shots and having them look more like they do in my mind's eye. 


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  1. Still interesting shots…I especially like the one of the cars.

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