The Boys of Summer

Many of my summer nights were spent with these guys (boys).  These images were taken during the parade on Tuesday.  Sean (co-worker) and I, took an extra long lunch and walked down to Boylston St. to catch the parade.  It was much less crowded than I had expected.  As far as I could tell, the crowd was no more than 2 deep in our area.  I was lucky enough to be standing behind a kid so I could actually see over his head.  Being at the beginning of the parade route the floats (Ducks) went by fairly quickly.  A lot of my shots either have someone's hand in the way or the back of players' heads.  I really wanted a shot of my man Wakefield but unfortunately he was on the left side of the Duck and I couldn't see him on my side of the street.  I ended up with a shot of Schilling instead (he didn't make it into the collage- wasn't wearing a red shirt).

 How cute is Coco's little girl?!

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  1. Very nice use of framing. Who is the guy in the middle of the bottom row?
    Coco’s daughter is cute, the rookie looks completely different and I’m glad you got a shot of Varitek.
    I can’t believe I can’t remember the rookie’s name after watching them through the playoffs and the Series till the wee hours. I guess it’s because I didn’t spend the whole summer with them 🙂

  2. The rookie is Dustin Pedroia (AL rookie of the year). The guy in the middle is the pitcher John Lester.

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