October Moon

After massage therapy on Monday I drove down to the waterfront to take some photos.  This image is much more tranquil than my massage session!  Gina, does a great job of really digging into the muscles to try and rid me of the stress and tension I inflict on my body each day.  Unfortunately, the muscles seem to be a bit resistant to her kneading, tugging and pulling.  However, when I left Gina's this night, I was feeling surprisingly, loose, wild and free…okay, maybe just feeling a bit loose.  That is until I stepped out of the car to take this photo.  As soon as the 33 degree weather hit my flesh my muscles contracted as if rigor mortis was setting in. 

 Next time, photos first, massage second!


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  1. Great pic Jamie. Where was this taken? Looks a bit like Plymouth waterfront with the jetty in the background but it’s tough to tell.

  2. I’m just to the left of the Mayflower and a bit to the right of Isacc’s (waterfront parking lot). Yes, I believe that is the jetty in the background. And the light out there is a house on Plymouth beach.

  3. That’s funny about the cold hitting you post-massage…
    The picture is so warm looking, a contrast to the actual temperature.
    I love how shimmery and yellow gold the light is, kind of makes the ocean turn into desert.

  4. wow, this is a gorgeous picture, Jam.
    I want your camera!

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